Wooden Dog Crate Cover

We have an awesome choice of hand created things by Amish craftsman for you to browse. To begin with we have numerous awesome things for your cherished pets. Clearly we know you cherish your pets as much as we do and need just the absolute best for them. Well think about what, we have it. We make stainless steel and also excited puppy box container. They are beat quality, appealing, and make a more sterile environment for your canine.


Notwithstanding the carton skillet we likewise offer a variety of lush puppy container covers. They make a magnificent option to your home and can add style and even capacity to your canine’s box. The wooden box spreads can make the carton less observable furthermore be utilized as a table in the meantime. You have choices of size, shading, and style of your wooden box cover to run with any home stylistic layout. Contingent upon the plan you pick, the wooden puppy carton spreads can even remain solitary as an alluring end table when you needn’t bother with your pooch’s container in the house. The spreads include a brilliant look that adds a touch of class to your home.

And also canine items we make metal fastener legs for DIY tables. For you do-it-yourself out there we have an assortment of metal barrette legs for you table tops. In the wake of putting in all that work on that delightful oak table you need to have quality solid clip legs to stand it on. Our metal fastener legs are overwhelming obligation metal and give an exceptional and stylish look to any table. Whether the table top you made is vast or little, long or short, we have the correct metal clasps to address your issues.

We take pride in each item we ensure you will be totally happy with our items and completely appreciate having them in your home. For additional information about wooden dog crate cover contact us.

Company Address

4005 White oak RD

Paradise Pa 17562, United States

Contact Information

Email: sales@pinnaclemetalcraft.com

Ph: 717 324 5684



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